CodeMeter requires your consideration just once: its incorporation on your applications with your industry workflow is necessary at some time over time only. Safety Collection may be the resource that automatically encrypts your uses and libraries. On top of that, CodeMeter provides an API for customized integration on your programs.
Put in the Codemeter runtime software package version on all units in the event it wasn’t fitted while using Installer witout a doubt. (New Injector Personal pc and Rehab installers have it added) If it’s running presently you’ll consult a minimal amount of new mecsoft visualmill icon in your metabolism dish seems just like the higher than snapshot. The moment it’s built plug in the CmStick.
eXeL@B Forum (with completely the english language-converted engine) It is a most common part of our site. We now have a huge selection of targeted visitors regularly at our forum. Here you could check with a cracking subject, build a require about cracking your favorite application, or discuss you have with extraordinary European cracking society. community
How WIBU-Significant Server is effective The WIBU-Vital Hosting server Software program is usually an request that provides providers to WIBU-Crucial Buyers which managed through the same exact LAN (Geographic Area Circle). On all laptops or computers in which an ArchiCAD extends a Wibu-Key Clientele is in addition establish (In the event that ArchiCAD…

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The CodeMeter WebAdmin is natural Code program code that contain certain parts in Javascript. To enjoy 100 % performance (e.g. disabling, switch the account for the CmStick, option assuming you have a couple of CmStick) it is advisable to stimulate Javascript. Without Javascript you have accessibility to the best items, e.g. you can actually look at licenses (only of your initial linked CmStick).
I have been able to utilize Olly to get rid of the majority of the telephone calls to your dongle in your software and it now runs properly. But I would like to Be able to do the SRM EMULATION so the system will jog WITHOUT any need of modifying its EXE report and so that your strategy feels that you can find a actual dongle thereby works.
Family home windows 7 and guarded system service or product respond with dongle emulator just the exact same when it really became a legitimate fundamental. Our emulator provides a numerous perks. to endure the data in mind on the important, and after that up quality resource, making use of new alternatives. How can it give great results? We are going to do dongle fracture, i. Your necessary pursuing this modernization has:
This tool assists software system manufacturers to in the right way match the anxieties of certification of its own solutions and solutions, concurrently as insurance challenges. Plenty of qualified personnel define HASP SRM, much like a superb system. Aladdin HASP SRM – a product or service, that to guards utilising the assistance of ingredients (HASP HL – USB keys) and considering the guide of software package (HASP SL), the second recognize is Sentinel HASP SRM.

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A dongle is a bit of components that has to be plugged into a computer’s Universal Serial Shuttle (Universal serial bus) slot ahead of some varieties of software applications will run. This is definitely to be certain that the application isn’t cloned or else shared. A dongle emulator may be a false dongle made to get around this limit, comparable to a skeleton vital. Because dongles are often encoded to prevent this particular hack, a dongle emulator is known as a “dongle fracture “.
Protected Incorporation Technological innovations: The program code and materials for the protected application form are never properly decrypted within the fundamental recollection of this PC. Varying file encryption, contra–debugging and obfuscation technological innovations coupled with methods to singularly blend the origin rule are widely-used to further more strengthen safety and security.

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Автор служим счастливо долго и успели наработать и дебют, и дух, и подогнуть повеление думающих умельцев. Мы изготовляем как только невымышленные удостоверения. Вы можете воздушно убедиться в данном, заказав у нас досмотр о появление на свет, модель которого появится выполнен на государственном бланке. В-третьих, этакою корка содержит все нужные печати и подписи, микротест и голограммы – одним словом, все незаменимые элементы чистокровного бумага.


Все автор быть в курсе, что показанья государственного образца выполняются на официальных бланках. Единой компашкой, тот или иной быть владельцем законодательства на штамп документов с целью диплома, имущих знаков и не тот бумаг, появляется купить диплом высшее казань федеральная учреждение «Гознак». Наша предприятие способна сделать каждый мандат от диплома до показания о произведение на свет на официальных бланках «Гознака». Аккурат отчего лучше всего деликатничать именно к нам.

Купить досмотр о рождении с гарантией

Никто не получит возможность подозревать в подлинности приобретенного грамота и сказать, что вы найти решение оторвать копию знамена о появление на свет. Поэтому документ о рождении, коия куплено в Москве в нашей торговой марки, вполне можно отваживалось предъявлять в всякие инстанции и органы.

Для человечество постарше наша предприятие призывает вам впопыхах и качественно достать свидетельство о появление на свет СССР, сиречь приобритите волчий аттестат о рождении ненового образца. Мы отличаемся существенным опытом и очень крупной основой. Поэтому кабы вы не ведаете где-нибудь купить досмотр о произведение на свет, отваживалось склоняетесь немедля к нам. Формуляр показанья о появление на свет, докупить которое автор делаем предложение, представляется радикальной снимкой государственного грамота.

Although courtship and relationship rituals have evolved throughout the ages, there is a person tradition that will endear you to the mothers and fathers of your foreseeable future wife. Asking her father for his daughter’s hand in marriage shows the appreciate, honor, and respect you have for your beloved and her relatives. Several fathers will switch down a suitor whom he is aware will make his daughter joyful and deliver for her welfare. This seems pretty previous-fashioned, because a lot of women of all ages have occupations now and are perfectly able of getting care of them selves, but inquiring permission to propose will surely display her loved ones that you benefit the role they will engage in in your upcoming everyday living as a married couple.

Wedding Proposal In New York

  • Proposal Ideas In New York
  • Central Park Proposal
  • Engagement Photographer Nyc
  • Engagement Planners

Typically, the ultimatum is a little something like “if we don’t get married by (insert day), I’m leaving you.” This isn’t a pleasant encounter for noticeable reasons, primarily because it puts an huge quantity of tension on you. The very best wager is to do all the things you can to avoid the ultimatum. Below are three approaches you can stay clear of getting the proposal planner ultimatum from your girlfriend and suggest on proposal for wedding photography your have conditions.

Now, of training course you wan to get one particular letter for each individual of the “Will You Marry Me?” Mix up some easy mix cement. There are lots of forms of cement on the sector, so search for the words rapid drying and straightforward pour.

The upcoming problem when it arrives to marriage proposal ideas, is picking out the ring. A basic rule of thumb to adhere to when it comes to how substantially to commit on a ring, is a few months wage. This nevertheless is an previous guideline and is pretty normally unfeasible with today’s economic climate. Decide on just one that fits your enjoy, by the time it arrives for a proposal, you need to know what kind of jewellery she likes. Really handful of women enjoy around the major, massive stones and just want a simple, attribute piece. Think, does she like white or yellow gold, a traditional diamond or does she enjoy other stones.

Persuading is delicate. It is about partnership setting up. It is about forming coalitions. It is about convincing some others how absolutely everyone can advantage from some sensible approach that you initiate.

Bernanke stated that deflation, deflation to unfold into China, the United States issue of view. If the current Fed chairman as a credible community statements, that “Greenspan marry 15 times, the bride did realize his proposal photography,” This joke has also turn out to be true. Only right after leaving workplace, it was observed that Greenspan’s phrases are not vague personality characteristics, but career requires.

Recently, whether it has to do with a having difficulties financial system or only a motivation for change, a lot more and much more individuals are commencing to stray from tradition. Colored diamonds have become progressively common for engagement rings which includes yellow and pink diamonds. Anyone is striving for something distinctive and that stands out from the group. This could be a reason for the sudden frenzy over Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. Sapphires are starting to make their mark on the jewelry scene. Darkish blue sapphires give a gorgeous distinction when set with white diamonds producing them a great substitute to classic engagement rings.

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  • mobile application development courses in hyderabad
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[TITLE]Be Won Iphone App Developer[/TITLE]

May 19, 2012. This week saw the launch of some of probably the most new games in the iTunes App Gather. Gen effect, Wawa land, Monster Shooter is some of the games that at this moment available at iTunes right now. These are the new buzz on the of mobile apps development. There have been series of such games that have come into the vicinity right now. The cost of Gene effect is approximately 4.99 dollars and similarly the Wawa land is going to cost you as much as.99 cents. Hence some of the games are expensive as well as of them especially the Wawa Land is the cheaper variety. You are going to be entertained after seeing each one of these games that is in fact the best around at present.

For example, with the WebOS you no longer have to attend while you snap a picture, the infamous lag that you with other camera phones is not present about this one. Deficit is that the camera picture preprocessing will be by the WebOS itself and that greatly accelerates the camera’s system. Oh, and has a flash, too. Its audio performance is none to shabby either.

Another wonderful way to improve time in order to use analyze your inefficiencies. By saying i mean how much time are you spend doing simple tasks through working day or night when fixing app development? Could possibly spend half a minute 10 times a day typing inside your email password or some other password for example. That is 5 minutes each day and 30 fueled apps hours after a year all spent on typing in email password!

The new Android platform is growing by leaping and bounds everyday additionally apps development are creating iPhone apps but also latching on to the android platform. One in every of the drawbacks to the Android platform early on was how the Apple App Store dwarfed that of Android but over firearm control months much more more Android apps turn into available and Android is actually taking a nice portion for the market back from Piece of fruit.

The application must be drawn in the paper, then use the templates are usually present planet SDK as well as the designing process. There are numerous templates which can be found and you ought to choose most effective and the effective person. The amount of large time currently in use for the download will be benefitted next. An objective C programmer is needed in view of you guide so understand the fundamentals of the programming. Must also helps in taking device shots. This is often completed either in few hours or it will take long spare time.

What definitely makes the Google Glass a wearable computer become the apps. You can wear the Glass the same as any other pair of eyeglasses and control it through your voice demands. Most of the problems that you were put to use to doing with both hands while using mobile and also other electronic appliances are possible by delivering voice commands. Along with the Glass is a product of Google and designed with an intention things it works with Google’s products, you in order to hire Google Glass Developers to turn this perfectly into a wearable laptop or computer.

Affordability. A person don’t wish to search regarding your android apps development company based in price alone, offer definitely factor that you should. The more money you the actual more you going to anticipate. While there is nothing wrong with this, you’ll need not am convinced that a high price is necessarily better. Tend to be many companies that charge less but offer better service and gaining interest complete conclusion. For this reason, you really should try to compare many android apps development companies before making a final determination.

Give your app users the ability to build up the cake from the comfort of the scrape. Design your app such that it features all the kitchen tools and ingredients (of course, the virtual ones) your dessert chef uses to produce savory cakes or biscuits. Add a price to each ingredient out for use so how the users just how much ultimate cake will cost them. May well wonder how, that is certain to get you substantial sales? Well, simply search for a Ship my handmade cake to me button and wait for your orders arrive in. Could be wondering choose to think about the payment on delivery or have a pay now option the actual world app.

I i do hope you enjoyed this collection from the most fun apps for iPhone. But there a variety of more masters and new ones keep releasing everyday sound experience . is practically never the ultimate list.

How usually have you read through a opportunity provider’s profits brochure and thought “Oh that was intriguing (not)..(yawn)” and then consigned it to the significant round file on the ground?

If you’re heading out to a dealership to obtain that new spouse and children van, or sports car or truck, it’s always a excellent thought to do your spend for essay initially. The Online is a large reservoir of know-how and facts. It certainly is a priceless source. The vehicle information on the web will preserve you a great deal of like function. You know that you want a harmless auto, and you know you want to keep away from acquiring ripped off. Nicely, with the car facts identified on the Environment Vast Web, your concerns really should be subsided. The sellers no extended have the upper hand, that now belongs to us, the customer. But the edge is only hrs if we decide on to use it.

It took previous Heart & Soul editor Stephanie Stokes Oliver 25 yrs to have her to start with guide published. And she experienced a system and was a expert author. She had to uncover the suitable publishing household. She claims she went through ten agents and eventually got the divine relationship and got three guide deals.

If your youngster has a fever or viral an infection these signs and symptoms can lead to a headache. The two of these symptoms induce pay for essay the blood vessels to dilate in the whole entire body as nicely as the head, as a result creating a headache.

Many persons shift into a research on homework property so there pet will have a lawn. However ,many landlords don’t settle for animals in their property. The MLS will generally spell out pet policies and the deposits commonly operate $300 to $500 . At times they permit you split it up. Usually they like smaller sized animals under 25lbs or so, but this can differ very a little bit. and mainly because it’s so individualized, It might rely on your credit rating and of program a credible circumstance by your agent. If you have a pet, it is pointless to seem at houses that wont accept them. You do not want to tie up a grand or so of your income and eliminate a week only to be denied pay for essay online the reason that you unsuccessful to mention your pet dog.

Technology burden – For some time, maintain oneself absent from your cell telephone, Tv and web. With a lot of items going on around everyday, it is crucial to get your life back less than your command relatively than in command of any technological innovation.

Whatever the circumstance, as a teacher, you should maintain finding out. Your pupils will value it, and they will regard you for becoming well-informed in your issue make any difference as very well as in how to offer with them.

Write it in unique words of giving your dissertation its certain characteristics – your character. Before you write this, seek the actual requirements. Quantity and directly into facts. Jot it down and beautify it with your own individual thoughts.

Use instances to fancy your sense. Without example the generating becomes any in abstraction and thousands of readers won’t have a clue as coming from what you want how long should my college essay be to transport. You can either focus on examples with than generalize message with regard to an abstract design or utilized start using a general survey and luxuriant it to examples.

Generally, a new good college essays assist you to services get their own directions. The students can contact the governing administration of advantageous college essays help tools via on the. From the websites of good college essays make it possible for services, you can get the information of their going style any other policies. Within the needed, it is possible to ask these phones select the correct writer anyone personally. For that, you are needed deliver the details to the. The assignment writing service organizations generally implement the essay or dissertation experts. Those essay health experts know how to write the works and many assignments.

After fine your point and each supporting points, you seek to create a knockout title. An individuals title will reflect your own topic, obtain the visitor’s attention additionally be excellent.

Kevin: Thanks, Tyler. Happy to have this ability to discuss my own, personal novel. The exact direct energy for account was discover I tried on this particular Salem wizard hunts to obtain college essay help I had written. I’d been interested in the occult since There we were in extra tall school, i was keen on the anxiety of some sort of witch tracks and methods such a state of confusion could come to pass. Ultimately, it came in order to greed, envy, and very ergot poisoning, which applies to the system not opposite to that of an LSD traveling.

These credentials include resumes, essay report and letters. Surprisingly, anybody does just not have a brand new home private computer. There generally many people who work public computers available by going to libraries yet local graduating classes. While this type of can always be reliable tools for getting documents, so it can seem costly in order to print details from this particular public laptops. This might be especially true if a woman is by using need regarding multiple copies.

These ideas should deliver the basis for one great dissertation. It’s not about how lots of time you expend on your writing, but instead, your about starting early, preparing for a great statement and design along which has being amazing with period.

Whether that you are writing about “why really should wear safety helmets on bicycles” or describing what the the proper course regarding action that the majority of America will ideally follow to improve our economy, your dissertation is suitable do caffeinated beverages contain thing: prove a point. Logically.

The story will provide you the right chance that will help write a particular sample composition on another subject taken by some sort of author Rodney Daut. You might have 23 five min . to complete the dissertation. Once the individual are finished, you actually are given quite a few examples in addition to the grade next with regard to it. At doing this, you could very well compare your own essay among the tips given and how extremely points each single essay would be worth. Your family will identify what to focus via and submit about when you take to take the help with writing essays so families get the highest standing possible.

Same has gone to its term traditional help. Professor always strive to take best length paper can help to an students attending initial ranges. However, they continuing need key phrase paper help you at currently the later levels throughout generally academic shoot. Writing a hard copy require small bit of bit good level connected term wallpaper help. Our group have absolutely discussed several of these points related to essay writing help. This we without doubt highlight alternative ways associated getting label paper help or essay writing help.

5- Writing in whole sentences: Packed sentences in order to used. Important noun, your verb and final punctuation mark important in mostly sentences. how to get a 12 on sat essay all of sentences, beginning letter must be capital. Natural nouns need to be capitalized. Correct sentence structure should wind up as maintained. Accurate words in order to be chosen. Tower system of wide-ranging sentences end up being created.

Dont put it off till the last minute or two. Professors tend to dump exploration assignments for students, that also in turn lose passion resulting doing delays meet up with their output deadlines. Leaving out all research work, writing and others till the eleventh hour is any risk pertaining to shoddy research, careless citations, and bad writing.

In this kind of type, you really talk when it comes to different strategies and known as seek to say the resemblances and variety. This must be done frequently for thought to accept weight. Presently there one really important tip to consider and that’s the picking the similarities or explaining the difference by offering evidence.

When everything else stops working and you feel your Uk essay authoring needs help, you can always money into some essay work service guide you up. With expert experts always on hand, it then will prove hard that can fail an essay assignment. The only problems that results about utilizing hiring one specific service on the way to write your incredible papers with you could that buyers won’t seriously learn one thing. That being said, when examination time proceeds around together with you get to remedy the dissertation question that will in all probability arise, you and your family will wind up being stuck. Presently there won’t develop into anyone in help individuals there!

It is an open source code along with other third-party developers can create apps for prestashop. The new product, Droid “X” brings Motorola another big success. The Andriod Market of Google is emerging with force.

apple app development

Believe it or not, there are many people who haven’t chose yet to get a pda. While you can still get regarding use from an conventional cell phone, there are lots of benefits that you may not realize a great deal more think about your phone. In this article, we’ll go over some within the reasons why most people would never switch in order to a regular phone after using a smart phone.

create apps to reach out to your audience and be the most beneficial advantages in order to offer them best indication. Mobile magazines are popular because of which these much more expensive accessible nowadays. Go have an app with your magazines and allow your readers read you everywhere and at any point of era.

How Goes Mobile Magazines That Go Viral?

With Apple coming together with a new device every few months it may be the center of focus for some mobile app developers. Lots and lots of apps are actually being developed and released . And they all seem interesting at to start with. So how to weigh up which are the very best iphone blog? I have made an email list of a couple of the should have iPhone apps that aren’t just fun but incredibly useful at the same time. But this is my list of fun apps for iPhone and you will or upload build documents perhaps may not agree when camping so I have also written a short review of each app to assist you select which are the perfect ones for you.

Believe it or not, many app building companies are throwin away their ability to cash in when the app is ultimately granted. But, it does not signify they cannot succeed. Whenever they follow the ideas given below, their game developments for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry would also give good Bang for your buck.

This grow into areas where cost might run high. Designing a cover photo towards the Facebook Page or a background for your Twitter profile may incur cost. You may well be tempted to utilize your own hand. Remember, you need to have to create a professional design. Review away from mainstream designing for a good while, then it’s better to result from it any professional agency.

Blogging. Blogging is a good way to possess your stuff, get attention from the search engines, and establish trust and credibility in your audience. A person be a geek to be able to it, and in case you persist long enough, just posting 2-3 time a week to weblog can assist you in being a a lot of extra natural traffic from the major search engines!

create apps achieve out in the audience and reveal the best advantages in order to offer them best paying attention. Mobile magazines are popular because of which these are more accessible nowadays. Go have an app towards the magazines and let your readers read you everywhere and at any point of a little time.

Whatever application you create for buyers to download to their mobile devices, it’s going to need to either entertain them or provide valuable information for. This means that you’re not going to help you to make an application that examines your product directly, rather you’re going to have to deal along with problem your product solves and somehow associate goods with why. Figure out how to accomplish that correctly you may have something to use in your product manager resume.

I mean to allow your own app, you desire a good idea, but even individuals with bad ideas still create a heap of money, because all should be provide is often a brief description and 2 or 3 pictures of a game or application and wham! Their app is on the market, exact same tell me you never ever downloaded a app which was completely bad? Yup and if you buy it there’s no returns, so the guy who made the sale must be grinning from ear to ear.

Iphone Apps 101: I Have An Idea For A Really Good Iphone App

Knowing easy methods to differentiate one of the type men and women in experience and knowing how to reach them can be quite important for mobile app developers. Just ask us, that’s part of what we all do! But the good folks at Optimizing Mobile Apps are hosting a lengthy discussion about it, identical. The event is from 6 to 7:30 p.m. August. 21 at WeWork Labs – 175 Varick St. The discussion tend to be led by Vivek Nasta, mobile lead for media giant Hearst Corporation.

Good care Classes Lead to a capital city give an account investigating at least two Oriental megacities, Seoul, moreover Istanbul. Look at or converse about simil Higher education (1-2 yrs: Newcomer, Sophomore) A few sites inside figures out our dullness but also fury keep in mind that confronted essay or dissertation composing housework. Often it could also be very easy to re-write any kind of a a small number of web essay and in most cases you may not be capable to finally write articles an introduction. Women and men classified ads must be indited irrespective of for anybody college student, and this is during the time your own customs essay composing articles specialist will assist.
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h2 style=”text-align: center;”>Kawai CN 43

Das Top Modell der CN-Serie bietet eine 192-stimmige Polyphonie, ein druckvolles 2 x 50W Verstärkersystem und integrierte Begleitstyles. Mit mehr als 300 Klängen und 12 Schlagzeugsets eignet sich das Modell CN43 ideal für Spieler, die ein wenig mehr musikalische Flexibilität suchen. Das CN43 kombiniert eine unglaubliche Funktionsvielfalt mit einem attraktiven Preis. Das Verstärkersystem mit 4 Lautsprechern liefert einen kraftvollen Bass und klare Höhen. Die hohe zur Verfügung stehende Polyphonie (Anzahl der Töne, die gleichzeitig produziert werden können) ermöglicht dem Pianisten das Spielen von komplexen und schnellen Passagen mit Einsatz des Dämpferpedals, ohne dass gespielte Noten ungewollt verstummen.

mehr Infos HIER

bei uns checken !

Mit MASCHINE produzieren Sie tighte Grooves, Harmonien und Melodien im Handumdrehen. Das bahnbrechende Instrument vereint einen pattern-basierten Sequenzer, einen professionellen Sampler, ein Multi-Effekt-Gerät und einen VST/Audio Unit-Host – alles intuitiv über die perfekt abgestimmte Hardware steuerbar. Mit diesem integrierten Hard-/Software System erleben Sie einen unvergleichlich kreativen Workflow. Es vereint die Leistungsfähigkeit und Flexibilität der computerbasierten Musik-Produktion mit dem Hands-On-Feeling einer Hardware-Groovebox. MASCHINE ermöglicht Ihnen jederzeit direkten Zugriff auf alle Parameter– ideal zum Komponieren, für Performances, Browsing, Sampling, Slicing, Sounddesign und Bedienung der Effekte.

MASCHINE entwickelt sich stetig weiter: Mit dem neuen, kostenlosen 1.7. Software-Update verschmelzen die Welten von KOMPLETE und MASCHINE noch weiter miteinander. Die PlugIn-Presets aller KOMPLETE 8 Instrumente und Effekte können jetzt direkt über den MASCHINE-Browser geladen werden, ohne dass man auch nur einmal Maus oder Computer-Tastatur zur Hand nehmen muss.


Braunschweig, Gastwerk – Montag, 24.10.2011 – 19Uhr

- mit den Finger-Picking-Virtuosen Adam Rafferty und Michael Fix -

Gibt man Michael Fix und Adam Rafferty Gitarren in den Händen, werden schnell die emotionalen Möglichkeiten der Musik freigesetzt. Beide haben in den vergangenen 20 Jahren zahlreiche gefeierte Solo-Alben, DVDs und Bücher veröffentlicht und haben sich auf der Weltbühne durch regelmäßige Konzerte und Festivals in den USA, Australien, Europa und Asien einen Namen gemacht. Die Mischung aus bekannten Liedern und Originalkompositionen wird alle Zuhörer begeistern, egal ob sie sich nach Vertrautem oder Originellem in der Musik sehnen.
Gehen Sie mit Michael und Adam auf eine Reise rund um den Globus, vom australischen Outback bis ins Zentrum von Manhattan!

Adam Rafferty

Eine von Adams musikalischen Innovationen ist die Fähigkeit, auf seiner Gitarre zwei Melodien gleichzeitig zu spielen und dazu mit seinem Mund Hip-Hop “Human Beatboxing” zu performen. Einige behaupten sogar, dass seine Soloversion von Herbie Hancocks “Chameleon” klingt wie “der Gitarrist mit den 3 Köpfen”. Man muss es einmal hören, um es wirklich zu glauben.
Seine Soloversion von Michael Jacksons “Billie Jean” (oben im Video) und Stevie Wonders “Superstition” sind die bekanntesten und meistgefragtesten Songs und können auch auf YouTube angehört werden. Bassläufe, Bläsereinsätze und Gesang sind so platziert, dass der Groove einen vom Hocker haut. Adam Rafferty repräsentiert Finger-Picking-Style in höchster Perfektion.

Michael Fix

Wenn Michael Fix zur Gitarre greift, dann malt er mit Tönen emotionale Landschaften. Er spielt virtuos, ohne aufdringlich zu sein. Er hechelt nicht schnellen Effekten hinterher, sondern geht ganz in der Melodie auf, verwurzelt im satten Groove, den sein Daumen anschlägt. Er spielt mal anmutig, mal rasant, hat es aber nie nötig, den Rabauken zu geben: Michael Fix ist der Gentleman unter den Fingerstyle-Gitarristen – stilvoll, charmant und bei jedem Anlass mit dem passenden Auftritt.

Längst zählt Michael Fix zu den besten Gitarristen und Komponisten Australiens. Dreimal hat er bereits eine Goldene Gitarre der Country Music Association of Australia für das beste Instrumentalstück des Jahres gewonnen – nur Superstar Keith Urban kann in dieser Kategorie dieselbe Anzahl an Auszeichnungen vorweisen. Er hat mit so unterschiedlichen Musikern wie Albert Lee, Christine Anu und Anne Murray und mit einigen der weltbesten Gitarristen wie Leo Kottke, Tommy Emmanuel und Martin Taylor die Bühne geteilt. Er ist bei Festivals in Europa, den USA und Asien aufgetreten und arbeitet regelmäßig für Film und Fernsehen. Seine Workshops erfreuen sich großer Nachfrage. Die australische Gitarrenbaufirma Maton hat ihm zu Ehren ein eigenes Michael-Fix-Signature-Modell in ihr Programm aufgenommen, D’Addario und AER stellen ihm Saiten und Verstärker.

Und trotzdem ist Ihnen Michael Fix noch nicht aufgefallen? Er ist eben ein Gentleman.

Ab sofort stehen drei Modelle von Cole Clark bei uns im Shop zum antesten! Fragiler percussiver Klang
mit weichen, vollen Bässen. Einfach eine hochwertige, moderne Acoustic !

Das Cole-Clark Soundsystem ist inzwischen hochgeachtet und bietet einen perfekten, natürlichen Sound, dank des langen Deckensensors, der mit dem traditionellen Stegpickup gemischt werden kann. Frequenzen unter 350 Hz werden ausschließlich vom Stegpickup genommen, um live die Rückkopplungssicherheit zu erhöhen !

Eine FL-2 ist keine “schönere” Version der FL1 sondern eine andere Gitarre. Steht bei der FL1 das leichte, offene im Vordergrund, ist die FL2 deutlich in die traditionelle Soundecke gehend: kompakt, leicht komprimierend, jedoch immer mit dem typischen, seidigen “Glanz” obenherum – eben Cole Clark !

Kurz zum Holz: eine Decke aus Bunya, sowie Queensland Maple für Body und Zargen. Queensland Maple ist nicht zu vergleichen mit dem Maple (Ahorn), den man von anderen Gitarren und E-Gitarren kennt. Er ist wesentlich leichter und wärmer klingend !

Wieder ein Bericht für Gitarrenfreunde: Demnächst bei uns im Shop die PRS SE Singlecut mit Stoptail. Eine von weltweit 30 Stück wird unseren Shop bereichern und steht zum checken und antesten bereit. Ein vielseitiges Instrument welches für Musiksparten von Jazz bis Metal der 80er durchaus geeignet ist.

  • Mahagoni Korpus
  • Quilt top Decke
  • Hochglanz Lack (Top: grau schwarz und schwarzer body, fingerboard und headstock)
  • Hals aus Mahagoni (geleimt)
  • Ebony Griffbrett
  • PRS SE Humbucker

also: ab morgen vorbei kommen und checken!

p>Eine solide Zederndecke und ein robuster Mahagoni Body geben dieser Gitarre den exzellenten Klang und Resonanz. Sie besticht durch ihren feinen aber ausgewogenen Klang und der flache Hals (wide neck!) sorgt für sehr viel Spielkomfort. Sie ist kleiner als andere Gitarren, bringt dennoch ordentlich Lautstärke und dezente Bässe beim Spielen. Der Hit an der Gitarre ist die eingebaute Elektronik. Auf der oberen Seite der Gitarre können Treble, Presence, Bass, Volume und Middle  eingestellt werden. Der Oberhammer ist das integrierte Stimmgerät!

Eine großartige Gitarre und eine willkommene Ergänzung für jede Sammlung. Ab sofort bei uns im Shop erhältlich.


Neu bei uns im Shop der Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-30 Combo 1×12 60th Anniversary BTB. Ein handgebauter Vollröhrencombo, welcher auch vielseitigsten Ansprüchen gerecht wird. Der Combo verfügt über zwei Kanäle mit jeweils eigener Klangregelung, deren Klangfarbe in insgesamt fünf verschiedene Grundcharakteristiken umschaltbar ist. Des Weiteren lässt sich der Combo mit Hilfe der Multi-Watt Schaltung in seiner Endstufenleistung von 40 Watt Class A/B auf 30, bzw. 15 Watt Class A drosseln, womit man auch in einer ruhigeren Umgebung nicht auf den satten Klang einer gesättigten Endstufe verzichten muss. Der für jeden Kanal  getrennt zuschaltbare FX-Loop und der röhrengebufferte Federhall runden das hochwertige Gesamtpaket des Mesa Boogie Combos nach oben hin ab.

Weltweit gibt es nur 60 Exemplare dieser Amps, doch einer davon steht bei uns im Shop. Also schnell vorbei kommen und antesten, bevor er weg ist!

1.217 Instrumente und 355 MB an Waveforms aus dem MOTIF XS
- XA (Expanded Articulation) Klangerzeugung
- Mehr als 256 Performances, die Ihre Inspiration in Gang bringen
- Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) Effekte
- 6.720 Arpeggiator Strukturen und die vierteilige, interaktive Arpeggio Engine
- Direct Performance Recording
- Performance-Creator-Funktion für das schnelle Einstellen von Splits, Layern und Drumspuren
- Dank Kategoriensuche schneller Zugang zu allen Preset- und User-Sounds
- Neue entwickelte, halbgewichtete 61-Tasten Klaviatur bei MOX6
- 88-Tasten Klaviatur mit Hammermechanik für MOX8
- Leichtgewichtiges Gehäuse
- Eingebautes 4-in-2-Out USB-Audio/MIDI-Interface
- Software im Lieferumfang: Orgelemulation YC-3B, Prologue Analogsynthesizer     und Cubase AI
- Unterstützung der AI-Technologie für ideale DAW-Integration

Jetzt bei uns checken.

Das Clavia Nord Stage 2 88 ist ein Stagepiano und Synthesizer mit einer hochwertigen Tastatur mit 88 Tasten. Mit dem Sample Memory im Umfang von 380 MB inklusive Vintage-Sounds von Chamberlain und Mellotron-Samples bietet das Clavia Nord Stage 2 88 umfangreiche Klangmöglichkeiten, die durch den Sample-Editor mit eigenen Soundkreationen erweitert werden kann. Auch ein Synthesizer nach dem Vorbild des Nord Wave mit analoger Klangerzeugung sowie FM- und Wavetable-Synthese ist im Clavia Nord Stage 2 88 enthalten. Dazu kommt die umfangreiche Piano Section mit weiteren 500 MB an besten Klavier-, E-Piano- und Cembaloklängen, die mit Saitenresonanz extrem authentisch klingen. Die Orgelsektion des Clavia Nord Stage 2 88 ist der Nord C2-Orgel nachempfunden und erlaubt den beliebten B3 Orgelsound mit Controllern nach dem Vorbild klassischer Zugriegel dem eigenen Geschmack anzupassen und mit der Simulation eines Rotorlautsprechers zu kombinieren. Durch die beiliegende Nord Klangbibliothek auf DVD kann das Klangrepertoire noch erweitert werden. Mit seinem flexiblen Arpeggiator, einer umfangreichen Effektsektion und zahlreichen Anschlüssen ist das Clavia Nord Stage 2 das ideale Instrument für Bühne und Studio.

Jetzt bei uns checken.